Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Squirrels and Hens

I was looking at Norman McLaren's splendid Hen Hop on the NFB website. There's a paragraph about it by the extraordinary Don McWilliams in which he describes the moment that he found out that Norman McLaren was a hen, he says in response "your'e right Evelyn, I'm a squirrel", which is maybe obvious when you know that he makes documentaries, I hope he's a red squirrel, I bet he is.
Anyway I'm studying the McLaren Cameraless Animation diagrams and wondering how to make a special desk:
The photograph is by Sophie Quevillon. This desk might be somewhere in the NFB, look at the lovely ink spot.


Michael Fukushima said...

You're the third person in the past year who's made reference to this table and alluded to building one. One person was in the process of doing it, strictly from that photo.

You should contact Steven Woloshen here in Montreal (he's on Facebook). He's built something quite like McLaren's for his own direct-to-film animation.


Elizabeth Hobbs said...

ah thanks Michael,
I will!
ps is it at the NFB?