Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Ushev

If I hadn't been lucky enough to have met the man last year, I would think Theodore Ushev was a company of ten people working around the clock.  He is so extremely prolific.

He has a blog here, and you can see the catalogue of films, prizes, reviews, new productions...  I didn't manage to get to Ottawa where he won Best Canadian Film for Nightingales in December, but you can see a masterful music video for Kottarashky and the The Raindogs, a tribute to pre-cinema, drawn on vinyl and beautifully cut together.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I'm assembling a lovely, informative film made with young people in foster care over a 4 day period in the summer with an amazing team in Cambridge. I hope it will be on the internet at a later date. I'm working towards the cinema premiere at the beginning of October.  It's hot in the studio, and quite messy! It's lucky I don't have any assistants, I would have lost them by now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Ware Case - animated version

Emily and I made a three minute version of Broadwest Films Ltd 1917 film 'The Ware Case' using just publicity stills and a synopsis.  There's a lot of scrumpling.  It was a part of the film we made for The Pop Up Picture Palace earlier in the year.  It is showing as a part of the wonderful Walthamstow International Film Festival at Vestry House on Saturday 15th September 1 - 5pm.

Come on!

I'm really pleased to finally have a spell to work on the music video I'm making or mending for KT Tunstall.  I'm mixing live action, printed out and cut with stuff drawn on clear cels with ink.