Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dennis Franz

I found my portrait of Dennis amongst some older drawings, I've put him on the wall tiles for a bit, I listen to a lot of detective fiction on the radio in the studio, and he keeps me on track. If I could have a moustache (it may yet happen) it would be just like this one.

Light Music

At the weekend we made a too brief visit to see some of the projections and events from Filmaktion at the Tanks, Tate Modern.   Lis Rhodes' Light Music (1975) has been on for longer than the Filmaktion week, but it was a highlight for me. I love her brave and spare Dresden Dynamo from 1971, it's such an exciting work to show to students, so it was brilliant to enjoy the noisy and immersive Light Music for the first time.

My visitors

Having a studio in the house is nice, there's the fridge of course and then small visitors too, who put me to shame with their easy ways and quick ideas.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Nut the nut

These little fellas are a part of a home-made party game called Nut the nut. If you are interested in the rules you may contact me directly. They are made out of pistachio shells and it has fulfilled a long cherished ambition to make a little army of bugs out of nut shells.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Water Folk

Emily and I are hoping to work with extremely tiny beasties for our new project, here we are doing some research in the River Lea yesterday with scientist Malcolm Burrows.

Danbury Ring

A few weeks ago we visited the iron age hill fort Danbury Ring in Middle Wallop, a much loved family Sunday walk from many years ago.  The sunny autumn days need to be saved up and treasured.