Monday, November 30, 2009

35mm cameraless animation tests

Spellbound Animation was very lucky to take delivery of a 400ft roll of 35mm from Kodak on friday. Thank you Kodak. It's colour negative so I've bleached it and started some trials. It's a new departure for me so I'm prepared to make some goofy errors. The frame size seems to be about 25mm x 16.5mm, the width equals 4 sprockets (any experts reading this, please speak up). I was looking at the McLaren table and wondering which part of it was necessary for now (the prism, the back light, the angle, the slider) but I think I'll manage without at the moment. I don't need a prism because I'm working with rubber stamps, so I'll work out a registration system relevant to printmaking rather than animation. I don't need a backlight because I'm working on clear stock so paper will do. I'll have to find a way to check the animation as I'm going along. I'll think about making a sort of video assist or else find a Moviola picsync.

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Hazel Terry said...

Looks like hard work, almost as demanding as lace making.x