Monday, November 09, 2009

Imperial Provisor Frombald

I've got three very small ideas for new films, I don't know why I've chosen this one first but maybe I had vampires on my mind.
Imperial Provisor Frombald was an Austrian official who, in 1725 in Serbia, had to oversee the exhumation of villager Peter Plogojowitch who was suspected of being a vampire. I'm making rubber stamps which I'll either stamp on 35mm or a surface I can wipe. It would be obvious to use paper, but I really hate the idea of having so many pages left behind at the end.


Samantha Moore said...

Ooo, lovely, I've just been getting my rubber stamps out to play for Christmas and birthday cards, you'll have to show me how to make them too. Looks intriguing!

Elizabeth Hobbs said...

mm thanks sam, I'm a bit in the dark too. I just remember that the fingers have to go behind not in front!