Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Forking Paths Mirrored Chambers

This is the title of a course about animation within Artist's Moving image led by Adam Pugh at Lux for Animate Projects.  I couldn't make every Wednesday but I was glad to get a slice of the action last week thanks to Kim's trip to Dublin.  I'm an animation anorak (DayGlo, sweaty) so this was pretty exciting.  Adam has done a lot of thinking and each week he leads the group through a screening of works on a theme, with many literary references and related thoughts to accompany the films that can be mulled over or read later.  The group seemed very sparkly and interesting too.  Last week was about space and place.  I especially enjoyed seeing Robert Breer's '69', 5", 1968 and Greg Pope's succinct film Moon Walk, 1", 2001.
Breer was brilliant to show in the context of other films relating to spaces and places because he is able to crisply delineates what space is and isn't, whilst also meddling with time in the same way.  It's so playful and simple and every time I watch it something else occurs to me.

A still from Robert Breer's '69'

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