Monday, July 25, 2011

My administrator and his revolting villagers

Over the last few weeks I've had time to get along with my vampire film Frombald which I've been making (very slowly) for a couple of years.   Before I came to animation I spent from 1992-2002 making prints using stone lithography, screenprinting and woodcut, so I'm pleased to return to the tools and methods of relief printing to make this film.  I've mentioned this before but I'm printing directly onto 35mm using rubber stamps.  I've carved about a hundred stamps so far which I've printed onto the filmstock in different configurations and loops, I can review the sequences on my Acmade Compeditor and then I'll scan them digitally so that I can add sound, all of this in the bathroom bog of course.
I'll try and take some studio snapshots tomorrow.

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