Tuesday, July 05, 2011

LIAF - The Best of the Fest... Ever

My Old, Old Man and I had a thrilling outing at the Barbican last night, he did his thing - partied and died, and I got to chat about it afterwards in fine company (see above).  Joseph Pierce made Stand Up, which is old news compared to his equally excellent Family Portrait.  The films are very well crafted in every aspect, the script, the live action and the drawing. Robert Morgan, who made The Cat with Hands in 2001 and many other films in between was showing his new sex comedy Bobby Yeah! for the first time.  It was created chronologically, over 3 years and had a real flavour of Mr Bickford's wonderful work, not just the solo guitar and brilliant stop motion animation but the enjoyable though despotic 'just where the hell are we going here?'  There was a good question: 'Are you all crazy?' and a pertinent comment from Ruth Lingford, who pointed out that out of the 9 films chosen to represent best of LIAF, only one was made by a woman.  She felt that women were less visible in the world of animation than they were 10 years ago.  I think Channel 4 had a lot to do in addressing the gender imbalance within the industry, and now that everything is economically squeezed again, maybe women in particular feel less able to take risks and put their necks out.  

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