Monday, September 07, 2009

LIAF 2009 - Best of The Fest

Muto by Blu won the best film of LIAF, truly an ambitious 'ambiguous animation painted on public walls'. It's an amazing feat, he doesn't just paint on walls, he also explores adjacent ceilings, floors and holes near walls and there is some interaction with objects within the surroundings, which adds to the pleasure of watching the film. Good choice I thought. Of the other films screened I appreciated the tone and style of The Collection by Philip Warner about a group of refuse collectors. I enjoyed LIAF very much this year, I saw some very good films, and there were also a lot of other programmes I would like to have got to. The Renoir is a bit more roomy than the Curzon. Next year the focus is going to be on New York and Cameraless Films, which will be great.

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