Monday, September 07, 2009

d a u m e n k i n o - t h u m b c i n e m a

My friend Abigail sent this, it looks pretty good:
FLIPBOOK call for visual and media artists, musicians film makers and architects animators and other to create and submit a flipbook, which is based on their own practice (and express how this is related to time). The flipbooks will be showing in an exhibition, which will take place at bookartbookshop, Pitfield Street, London in November 2009.
The deadline for submitting the flipbooks is Friday, 23rd October, 2009 at 5pm. Please contact infoatabigailhirschdotnet for guidance, for any other enquiries and for the postal address where the flipbook should be sent to.


Hazel Terry said...

cannot open link Lizzy can you check it

Elizabeth Hobbs said...

it's just a call for entries to make a flip book for exhibition rather than a link.. go on hazel get your scalpel out.