Sunday, October 22, 2006

Priit Parn
On arrival I sprinted straight to the cinema to see the second programme of Priit Parn's work. Hotel E is extraordinary every time, I'm surprised that it was made as late as 1992 though I dont mean that as a slight, I hope I shall still be watching it regularly until 2092, it's completely compulsive to watch, all those languid pastel people in the room next door to the scratchy people, linked by flies and the odd escapee. I also enjoyed his film Triangle from 1982. I will admit to being a little dismayed by a macho discussion that took place afterwards, in which P.P. and Igor Kovalyov talked about the animators in their studios, it seemed a bit despotic. Being of the one-man-band school of animation, part of my enjoyment of a film is imagining the animator scribbling cheerfully away in the dark, the bubble was popped when I heard Priit Parn say that not one frame of his films are drawn by him.

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