Friday, June 15, 2012

Here I am!

My present preoccupation is this Muray 16mm film viewer and all things 16mm.  I'm really pleased to be off to Austria again, thanks to the Tricky Women Animation Summer in St Polten at the beginning of July.  I am leading a workshop in cameraless film, which is something I do a little bit at Anglia Ruskin. But there we have four Steinbecks, so I am working on a portable viewing solution (see above).  I'm really enjoying thinking about what films to look at over the three day workshop, and for inspiration, we will be studying the late Helen Hill's amazing compilation of 16mm 'recipes' gathered from practitioners around the world.


steven woloshen said...

Cameraless films?
Bravo to you, Lizzy!!!

steven Woloshen

Lizzy Hobbs said...

Thanks Steven, I'll be taking your lovely book with me too!