Friday, March 09, 2012


I'm teaching at Anglia Ruskin again this semester on this module and this one too.  Today we watched Labrynth, 14'15", 1961, by Jan Lenica.  It's such a curious, mysterious and inventive film, and spare on the animation.  It comes from the Anthology of Polish Animated Film which I would very much recommend.

A Highly Committed Movie, 7'25", 1979 by Julian Antonisz is a cameraless film on the same Anthology, it's so so beautiful, and lively, the latter coming from the direct technique.  A female singer with a gravelly voice describes the loss of culture in a town, due to the greed of a naughty old woman and the story is complimented by wonderful characters looping grotesquely to the thumpy score.  Julian Antonisz was also an inventor, and wrote the musical soundtrack too.  What a find.

The two films slightly help to clarify my muddled mind as with three weeks to the big night, Emily and I are in the final furlong of our Wood Street Picture Palace Project, and it's time to pull the rabbit out of the hat in the studio.  Today I was snipping on the train, and tomorrow I'll be resident in our special  unit in Wood Street Indoor Market.  You can stop by if you like as long as you do some snipping too.

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Julian Antonisz exhibit in Krakow