Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Animals and Children took to the Streets

1927  are performing their new show The Animals and Children Took to the Streets at the Cottesloe Theatre.  Suzanne Andrade and Paul Barritt combine the excitement of live performance with the magic of animation so beautifully that the audience were chuckling with delight throughout, (especially the one's who got Granny's Gumdrops in green and white stripey bags). The show was 70 minutes long, and comprised of so many witty moments and clever references, both contemporary and all the way back to 1927. There were cockroaches scuttling up drainpipes and little puffs of animated dust in response to live action brooms, and the animated elevator took us to all the floors of the Bayou Mansions.  The performers were really engaging and so musical.  In short, it was really good.  I did have a small reservation with the structure which I can't quite articulate. I tried to imagine what's at the centre of it, without all the magic mentioned above, and I can't see a strong idea there, which is maybe what was missing.  Nonetheless, I urge you all to go (if you can get a ticket) and keep a close eye on 1927.

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