Thursday, September 22, 2011

Animation Pimp

I'm reading Chris Robinson's Animation Pimp all in one go, like the Arnaldur Indriðason's that whizz in and out of Hackney library on my card.  His musings, rants, unvarnished self-revelatory details mostly relating to animation make for a unique experience for the animation community where everyone is generally kind about each other's films.  You spend a year in penury in the dark, it's hard for people to tell you directly that you've wasted your time.  I expect the outspoken nature of his writing gives him a bit of trouble, but whenever I've heard him spoken of, there's a touch of awe there too.  Sometimes I'd love to write gonzo fashion, as he does, but I'm not nearly macho enough to deal with the consequences. You can read the Pimp at AWN with comments and all and the Pimp is returning in the Autumn.

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