Thursday, March 24, 2011

Show us your shorts

I showed some of my shorts last night at a WFTV & LIAF event at Deluxe Soho.  I was on a panel in the company of Magdalena Osinska and Suzanne Deakin, it was really nice to catch up with LIAF news and think about animation a bit.  It was easy to see why Suzanne has been so successful as a commercial animator.   Talent plays a large role of course  but also she has a very positive attitude to the processes and challenges of working commercially.  My favourite animation of hers is the Olay 'The End of Lines', you can see it here on the Slinky website.  Magdalena can animate anything!  I saw Zbigniev's Cupboard in the summer, but I hadn't realised that she also made 'Joyets', she's so versatile, it's no wonder she's currently busy at Aardman.

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