Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Best of the Fest LIAF

I've made it through my first film festival juror experience, I enjoyed it alot because of the very lovely other jury members (see previous post), Nag and Malcom, the quality of the films and the nice red wine at the Renoir. I'm sure it's on the LIAF www but we gave our Best of the Fest prize to Angry Man by Anita Killi and Best British Film to Joseph Pierce's film Family Portrait.
Below are some blurry photographs in which you can see us conveying our results to Nag and splendid Malcom Turner, Nag and Malcom on the sofa, and Linda McCarthy on the microphone introducing her film The Grand Easter Egg Hunt amongst the other filmmakers in the British Animation programme. Have a look at Linda's animations, she makes puppets with ceramic parts, animating them using the replacement technique.
We all liked the two films mentioned above very much of course, but there were many other excellent films in the competition programme too, films from Estonia, the NFB and the RCA largely dominating. So we gave some honourable mentions too. Runaway by Cordell Barker has completely exquisite comic timing, to the frame. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen for a second and I could watch it 10 more times with ease. I'm a huge fan of Tad's Nest by Petra Freeman, I enjoy it every time I see it, it's so eerie and I love the way the scale changes, and the scuttling noises (amongst other things). Ines Sedan's The Man who Slept was another thought provoking wopper from the NFB, a really good, engaging narrative with a lovely ending. Bellies by Phillippe Grammaticopolous, was a wonderful follow up to his earlier film The Regulator (2005), the same spare white environment representing a moment of judgement or epiphany and this is a film that judges and punishes big fat capitalists with tiny hands. I've run out of time today, but I have a few more personal favourites to mention.

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