Sunday, February 21, 2010

On the move at the Estorick

We visited On the Move, Visualising Motion at the Estorick today, it's a very good exhibition curated by Jonathan Miller, which connects Giocomo Balla and the Italian Futurists with Marey, Muybridge and Beano's Billy Whizz of course. Through the paintings and photos the show elegantly illustrates the theory that our experience of looking is strongly influenced by what we expect to see and what we know. I especially enjoyed seeing Muybridges lovely zoopraxiscopes and magic lantern slides and the stroboscopic photos of Harold Edgerton. It's worth going up to the top floor for the Morandi drawings and etchings too.

Billy Whizz from the Beano

Densmore Shute Bends the Shaft, by Harold Edgerton, 1938. Courtesy The Michael Hoppen Gallery

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