Monday, January 25, 2010

Tad's Nest

Petra Freeman has made a lovely film under the Animate! scheme. You can see it at the BAA public choice screenings. The film is called Tad's Nest, which is a place where eel's go to mature and somewhere Petra remembered grown-up's talking about when she was young. The film is about memories and young girls, both vulnerable and eerie and busily absorbed with rituals, snipping, pouring, scuttling and watching. Never quite free from peril, not least in the form of a lash tongued sibyl. The pace of the film is just right and the narrative is full of surprises without being obtuse, which demonstrates great skill when working as Petra does, in a straight-ahead fashion, with minimal planning. I hope there will be another film soon. You can also see her film Jumping Joan on the Animate projects website (amongst many other brilliant works!)

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