Thursday, August 06, 2009

The pants - the goat - the troll - the t-rex - the droppings - the fly

I finished my first 20 second shot on one piece of paper today, the paper looks like pigswill now. I made it over three days, which had it's trials for many reasons:
One of my trusty companions likes to play back the animation after every frame, and whilst the response is encouraging it makes the process V. slow.
There’s a lot of fluff.
The computer is taking a bit of a hammering around the clock, being radio, telephone and DVD player and frame capturing device.
There’s a heavy bouncy ball that I idiotically offered as a bribe for not whacking sisters over the back of the head that has (astoundingly) been won and is often richocheting around tripod, animator and hot lights followed by bouncy owner.
None the less I shall enjoy trying a few more next week. Have a good weekend!

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