Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Old Man's festival journey

Thanks to the generosity of Samantha Moore, my festival spreadsheet problems were solved in an instant. She kindly sent the template for her film The Beloved Ones and I have just been adapting that. I remember from our EI course that if you press shift, apple and 3 you get a screenshot. I think that's about all the electronic imaging I can remember.

The Old Man is doing very well and so far he has been to Edinburgh, London International Animation Festival and Canary Wharf. This week he was in Ottawa and in the next couple of months there are trips to Leipzig DokFest, Aurora in Norwich, BAF and Flip in Wolverhampton. The British Council have accepted my application to help with the submissions too, which is good, because at the moment I don't have any studio time, even if I could open that door.

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