Friday, June 16, 2006

Day 3, 72 films, 72 Pivo beers.
Yesterday I went to the Botanical Gardens and during a stroll in the shade, I saw this frog. What a find!

My film has been screened in the Grand Competition Programme, I was very nervous, the film theatre is enormous, similar to the Royal Festival Hall in London, and it seems to be able to accommodate the festival visitors, every one. The print was a bit jumpy for the 1st 30 seconds and the speakers added a slight distortion to the narration (on all the films) In addition, the crowd had been polite but not particularly exitable so I was really pleased to hear a little shout with the applause after Sawney Beane. The whole screening was warmly received, my personal favourite, Apple Pie by Isabelle Favez, a cat and dog change the course of love in a small town. You'd think that there were already a hundred animated films that could be desribed that way but I'd boldly suggest that this one could top the lot. It was immpecably crafted and culminated in a hunter tripping over a log and shooting his own dog stone dead. Beautiful.
The other films I particularly appreciated were The Corridor by Alain Gagnol and Jean-Loup Felicioli, Snip by Steven Woloshen and the jolly Carnivore Reflux by The People's Republic of Animation.

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