Sunday, May 21, 2006

my first post

I went to 20 years of Pixar at the Science Museum. Hooray, an exhibition about animation here in London. I paid my £9 and I was immediately absorbed with the splendid colourscripts and collages for films such as Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc and The Incredibles, plus a very lively storyboard by Ralph Eggleston for The Birds and an X-ray of Mr Potato Head. All the Pixar productions started with named individuals and their pastels, charcoal and paint and the works had been saved and brought to Kensington. But then it was spoiled, since you couldn't leave until you had endured an unaccountable burst of machismo that was 'artscape', in which the aforementioned drawings were arbitrarily 'animated' in a high res 3D environment in a summary that was very Thorpe Park indeed.

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